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XGOX Information

Faucet donation address: GcnUAeDiByBZU7fp8df4FiAFxz8rdRNwoe
Balance: 0.5636 XGOX

Q: Help! How do I start this XGOX wallet crypto thingy!?
A: ANN here.

Q: How many coins can I get and how many times can I drain the pipe?
A: Every 10 Minute you can get 50% of the pipe's balance, with a maximum of 3 XGOX.

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19/07/18 13:12:16GMrryZprPQ1Y5fzqTcuxj6xb1Z1ATQDDNd-1.76
19/07/18 13:07:48GbrU4nQtQLd5tENAYbeFRRaadVJzSPHMSx-2.84
19/07/18 13:05:10GL7b9tNMFNnGN8ksZXgmbGuuY2zdU5gaJR-1.61
19/07/18 13:02:51GWvsRZaHjNUkSCu6XHnM4Tdx8dBJTY5Rp1-1.18
19/07/18 12:48:56GL7b9tNMFNnGN8ksZXgmbGuuY2zdU5gaJR-1.18

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